Women’s Office Clothes and Why You Need These

Women’s Office Clothes and Why You Need These

Women's Office Clothes and why you need these


Can your wardrobe use a redo?  Have you just settled?  We make decisions and then we just live with them.  Make a change and do it today.  We will share what we’ve chosen to help put looks together of women’s office clothes and why you need these.

Shopping is exhausting especially when you come up with zero great looks.  You completely know what you want but nobody seems to have it.  Styles have changed and the work place has evolved into something new.  Are you stuck in the stone age?

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The New Normal for Women’s Office Clothes

The new work place has drawn up new plans for women’s office clothes.  Something about youth that brings newness and a new vision.

Recently we welcomed a slew of new Co-ops to our company.  During the morning of their final presentations, I overheard one of the girls talking about how she struggled choosing her outfit to wear to present in.

She talked about not over dressing and decided on a simple statement top.  The top popped underneath her conservative black fitted jacket and black pants. 

She actually looked amazing and also looked professional with a youthful twist.  The interesting thing about her outfit that stood out was that any woman in the office could have worn it and rocked it.

This is what fashion has come to today.  It’s ageless, timeless and that’s exactly what style is.  Yes, fashion isn’t defined across the board as such, but we all know the fashion lovers at work and we all admire them.  Silently wishing we could project the look that goes into creating a polished look, like the women’s office clothes we see and love.

Social Media and Women’s Office Clothes

Instagram and Pinterest are new online magazines or digital picture books that give us a burst of inspiration at the click of our phones or computers.  They help us to see in an instant the new and fresh styles that look amazing.  We like the pictures and pin our favorites and put the plans in place to duplicate the looks we love. 

Sometimes though, it’s not easy to find the looks at all or maybe they are out of our price range and we’re saving the pic for a future date and with a future new budget.

We want to share with you a few polished pieces that will make you the most admired woman in your office.  Of course, style always reaches on the inside to pull out the essentials: Class, meekness, humility, sincerity and soft speech.  You can look like a million but without these essentials you won’t really shine.

  1. ANGIE + WES Dark Navy Organic Cotton Dress




This Easy, Simple, Timeless Dress can be worn to work alone or be paired with a jacket or cardigan to give a new look each time it’s worn.  This is one of those staples you need in your closet.  It can completely be reimagined each time it’s worn.


Dark Navy Suede Nine West Pumps – Nordstrom

Women's Office Outfits and Why You Need These

These Shoes are the pumps you need to wear to work adding an element of class to anything you decide to wear.  Wear with the dress shown above.  Make them pop with jeans, skinny pants, and skirts.  The staples that pop are what you need in your closet and the prices are great!

BaubleBar Navy Earrings from ShopBopWomen's Office Outfits and Why You Need These

These Faidra Resin Drop Earrings from ShopBop make a statement and will look amazing with the dress and pumps to give you a look of class and simplicity.

Proenza Schouler Dark Navy Purse

Women's Office Outfits and Why You Need These


This Deep Dark Navy Handbag is So Stunning it will cause a little drool.  Carry this bag with everything you choose to wear.  It’s on the very high side and the good thing is, this article is for working women.  However, this would be an investment in you and how hard you work…sometimes you have to reward yourself!

The Heather Navy Cotton Cardigan-ANGIE+WES


Complete the look with this Cardigan and solidify your style.  This Cardigan makes a simple statement and it’s made of cotton ‘The Fabric of Our Lives.’  There are tons of uses for this cardigan.  Wear with jeans, the dress above, a skirt or dress pants.



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