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We all have reasons to shop for clothes.  Sometimes we settle.  It just makes more sense to buy quality, comfortable pieces that will last.  We just think that’s important to remember.

We are Loving these

Our Top Picks for Fall

Wardrobe Styling

Casual is the new normal. Comfy and stylish is the theme these days

Sweater Weather

Fall is cozy time!! Morning Coffee and warm fuzzy slippers

Shopping Tip

Seriously consider upping your style. Remember Less is More, like really!

"Don't Put Beautiful Clothes on a Mean Heart, Be Kind"

Proverbs 21:21
"He Who Pursues Righteousness and Kindness Finds Life, Prosperity and Honor."

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We can all use an update in our closets.  We all reach for our favorites. Basics are everything so update the basics.

Trending fashion comes and goes.  Just better to stock up on simple classic pieces with just a speck of trendy.

We all know someone who seems to have a hotline to every cool outfit known to woman.  It’s ok to take a page from her real life catalog.

So take time for yourself.  

Exercise, Relax, Reflect, Forgive Someone & Move on, Pray

Think about how you felt before and how you felt after doing these things

We Can't stress Simplicity Enough

Whether you run to the store, the coffee shop, or to just take a quick stroll.  The 1,2, 3’s of Hair, Makeup and Simple Outfit is all you really need to be beautiful.

Waiting on Something to Change in your Life?

We all have something we may be waiting for and looking for to change. 

Pray about it.

After you pray, how about using your time to do something really nice for someone in need.

Be Kind wherever you go and before you know it, the wait will be over.



It’s Never a Bad Time To Make Something Better.  


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