“There’s not many places you can go these days to wear stylish clothes, but here’s what I wanna wear.”

This dress (sold by Shopbop) has so many reasons to need it.  It hits so many targets and answers so many questions…like, what to wear to work that’s comfy and not too short.  It’s modern and yet timeless.  It makes a statement without screaming.  It’s subtle and that says everything.  Bottom line, it’s a win!

“Why you need to have this basic T-Shirt in your line up.”  Oh, did we say it’s Organic Cotton?

This tee (sold by ANGIE + WES) is new to the line of organic sustainable fabrics being offered this summer.  Due to the current situation the shop is currently closed but due to open when restrictions are lifted.  The top has one sleeve designed with scattered polka dots.  Simple and clean with a minimalist vibe.


Style is where it all starts . . .

STYLE IS MORE than just a look, it's a way of life. We want to give you all the tools you need to inject style into every aspect of your life. It doesn't start and end with clothing, but flows throughout everything you are, including recipes, your home and health & beauty, to name a few.

Garden Time, I mean what better fun than this?

Yes I think playing around in the garden can make it more beautiful than ever.  This year try treating yourself to the gift of perennials, they’ll come back to visit every year bigger and better than ever.

What can you do for fun? Try this

Spending time with family that we don’t live with seems to be much more frequent than before.  Try googling thought provoking games to play and you’ll find out things you never knew.  This is difficult time yet also a good time to show the ones we love we care and can still have some good clean fun.

Why working from home changed everything I thought about fashion

Great Gift Ideas For Her

Once this pandemic became real to me with the day by day changes at the office.  I saw how things were starting to develop so quickly.  I realized more than ever just how much our life has a time limit.

Things happened so quickly that it was just jarring.  While we all want to stay safe, the sadness of those who were lost was overwhelming and at the time not many answers.

Fashion is actually the last thing that matters in times like these and this outfit pretty much sums up my fashion statement for the past couple months.  It’s gray which always works and super comfy.

How are you doing through all this?  Hope you’re staying safe and keeping your distance.

'You're Amazing so keep up the Looks'


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Working From Home from a Working Mom’s Perspective

In this ‘new normal’ of staying home and staying safe.  New moms are quickly getting a taste of ‘doing it all’ and keeping it all together.

The new way of working from home is creating opportunities to understand how productive this concept can be.   With some, it is proving to be positive.  Spending more time with those we love, and calling the family we just didn’t have the time to call before.

Between, the commute to and from work and the task before us when we get there…time is an unfamiliar friend.


'When getting dressed to start your day, don't forget to put on kindness.'

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