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STYLE IS MORE than just a look, it's a way of life. We want to give you all the tools you need to inject style into every aspect of your life. It doesn't start and end with clothing, but flows throughout everything you are, including recipes, your home and health & beauty, to name a few.

Take some time for you

Electronic devices are nice but take time to jot down your thoughts

These are trying times

. . . things to consider

. . .

Working From Home & Away at Work from a Working Mom’s Perspective

In this ‘new normal’ of staying home and staying safe.  New moms are quickly getting a taste of ‘doing it all’ and keeping it all together.

The new way of working whether it is from home or working outside the home. 

We are learning new opportunities to understand how to manage our productivity creatively.  It is a time to change the way we interact with others and while it is not easy, we will need to learn how effective this concept can be.   

With some, who can work from home, it is proving to be positive.  Spending more time with those we love.  While others, working on the front lines in healthcare, pharmacies, essential businesses, this is proving to take a toll. 

For all of those working from home and wanting to get back to work and get back to normal. 

For all of those who are working outside of the home and wanting things to get back to normal. 

We all agree that once this is over we will freely have the opportunity to hug and kiss our loved ones that we’ve had to distance ourselves from. 

Our message to all of you is be strong, stay positive, and keep your connection of prayer at a daily and continuous pace as we need God as never before, the only one who never changes.   



'When getting dressed to start your day, don't forget to put on kindness.'

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