What to Wear to Work

What to Wear to Work 5 Great Ideas

Can you remember how you felt when you received the call that the job you longed for was yours?   The thoughts of what you would wear was a high priority.  As time goes by, you may start to lose excitement and then your work wear takes a dive..

This article will give you 5 go-to outfit ideas that can motivate and help remind you of that really happy time at work.  Putting your priorities back on workwear can help put the pep into your productivity.

We also cannot leave out the fact that fashion has evolved so quickly over the past few years.  It has become much more casual and yet style is the thing that never evolves because it’s timeless.  So we have worked to give the modern professional more options for work outfits, we all want simplicity, not complicated.

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1. Simple, Stunning Look


This Outfit by ANGIE + WES is simple with an edge.  We believe you should start the week off with a statement that says its gonna be a good week and what you wear can have an affect on your mood.  This Little Black Dress is easy and pulls over the head and fits in all the right places and moves with you. Nothing says confidence like this dress.

2. Simple Classy


This work outfit is fun and happy, it doesn’t matter what day of the week you choose to raise the roof on your mood, this outfit is sure to do it.  Remember you have someone you want to really impress, a tough customer and that would be you. 

3. Smart Work Outfit



This smart outfit is for the female executive wardrobe and is a great idea for you to wear to work.  Some days you just want to celebrate yourself, what you’ve accomplished, how far you’ve come, and thank God for giving you another day, not just to live but to have a great job.  This is the look that says I love ME!  Shop this Smart look at ANGIE + WES.


4. Upscale Millennial



This outfit is a great idea for the office luncheon, they’re taking you out to the hottest new food spot and you look the part.  You’ve got this, all eyes are on you and so far, you’ve counted up as many as 3 compliments from 3 people you don’t even know.  Well, we may have just made up this whole luncheon story, but hey, it can happen.  


5. Business Inspiration

This is the last work outfit.  We’ve chosen an outfit that gives off a polished and professional vibe.  It’s so simple and easy, but hard to explain the high quality of such a simple and clean look, but we did it.  We added this because we LOVE it.


BONUS LOOK  – The Clean Crisp Cotton Top


This Look is from Shopbop. Click on Shop Now and Own this Bonus Look for Work that’s perfect for Business Meetings.  It’s simple, crisp and comfy and perfect for the workplace.


Things to Consider when choosing your work outfits

Consider these 5 Options for what you can wear to work and make a mental note: that quality is that key ingredient that you should always start with, it should always be the first layer of whatever you do.

Once you start building your wardrobe with quality, also consider colors, black, dark navy, gray, white, pale and muted colors are more versatile and can last forever without ever going out of style, so careful with the bold colors, most women say they want color but their closets say something completely different.

Finish off these work outfit ideas with quality shoes and jewelry and always remember less is more.  For Outerwear, well, let’s just say that’s the piece that everyone will see you in.

Outerwear for the office that we love


When you get to the office and take off your jacket or coat most people will only see your work outfit, but when you leave and where ever you may go afterwards, your outerwear is what most of the world will see you in.

Make it count, always select a well made jacket or coat that makes a statement of timeless style, that way you will have no need to replace it season after season.

Choose wisely with your outerwear.  Your purse is also an important piece whether it is a tapestry bag, leather bag or canvas, it should be the one thing in your outfit that says, ‘dreams come true’ when you shop for your handbag make sure you put some care into it, because it says so much about you, whether you believe it or not.


This Tory Burch Bag from Neiman Marcus can be carried with all the outfits featured and would totally make a statement.

Tips we have for you. . .

So here’s a tip, we all get busy, and we all have ‘more important’ things in our lives that need more attention than our clothes, most of us don’t place clothing as a high priority, but that does not mean we don’t long to look amazing, face it, when you look good you really do feel better.

While we are offering great work outfit ideas, we also encourage you to take care of yourself and be sure you’re connected and staying in contact with God, following this tip will give you hope and a reason to care about what you’re wearing.

One thing that makes going to work everyday more challenging is the idea that we can have the options to dress up or dial it down, not too far down, there are limits, so we think the way these pieces are put together you can go to work knowing you are setting a precedent for confidence and pure humility.

Final thoughts

Lastly, For those women who work from home or maybe outside of the office, we don’t want you to think for one moment you are excluded from this list, this post is for what to wear to work so wherever you work, we hope you will find one of the work outfits helpful.

This is just a helpful guide to point you in the direction of finding quality pieces that are easy and wear well.

If you were were able to nail one of these looks, we wanna hear about it, drop us a note and let us know what you did and how it went.

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5 Great Ideas for What to Wear to Work

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