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What to Wear to Work

What to Wear to Work 5 Great Ideas

Can you remember how you felt when you received the call that the job you longed for was yours?   The thoughts of what you would wear was a high priority.  As time goes by, you may start to lose excitement and then your work wear takes a dive..

This article will give you 5 go-to outfit ideas that can motivate and help remind you of that really happy time at work.  Putting your…

Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for Valentines Day


Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash

So there is a day in early February that is set aside for the special someone in our lives.  Today we’re gonna share our Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for Valentines Day.

Because we’ve chosen the Top 10 Best Gift Ideas, we decided to break them in half.  We are gonna  give you 5 gift ideas for her and 5 gift ideas for him.  Hopefully you will find our Ideas helpful. …

5 Top Picks of Women’s Shoes

Our 5 Top Picks of Women’s Shoes that you Need to add to your collection

Find out what our 5 top picks of women’s shoes to take you where you need to go in style.  There are many occasions in our lives that call for us to ‘dress up’ to look our best.  In these times, we not only need the clothes that are suitable for the event, but we also need the right shoes.

Our shoes say more about us…