5 Best Trench Coats Women Need for Spring

5 Best Trench Coats Women need for Spring

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We have found the 5 Best Trench Coats Women need for Spring.  Are you looking for a Trench Coat to wear this spring?  

We’ve searched high and low and found the best.

Not only have we found the best Trench Coats women need for Spring but we’ll also show you where to get them. 

That’s what makes us different at ANGIE + WES, we go further than just showing you great looks, we point the way and all you have to do is buy one.  

Whenever you travel, whether it’s for work, or special events, no matter where you need to go, the trench coat spring 2021 is one of those things that will add the finishing touch on your look.

There are 3 things you should look for in a Trench Coat:

1. The Fabric – Fabric should be lightweight 

2. The Cut – The Cut should compliment your silhouette

3. The Length – The Length should enhance your height 

Determine whether or not you’ve found the Best Spring Trench Coat winner for you:

Before we show you our Picks, we want to give you the ‘WHY’ you need a Spring Trench Coat 2021 and you should also understand the gravity of this purchase. 

5 Best Trench Coats Women need for Spring5 Best Trench Coats Women Need For Spring

It may cost a little change but when you consider how long you will have this timeless piece, it will prove more than worth it.

These simple tips should equip you to be well prepared to Rock the Best Trench Coat to wear this spring.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re in the market for a lightweight jacket and if you’ve experienced the ‘I’ll know it when I see it’ – that something we all have that’s hard to explain. 

You know what you like and don’t like and when you’re shopping and nothing clicks you keep on looking until something happens that says “THAT’S IT’ – we hope this is what happens with the choices we’ve given you.

We read an article in Forbes Magazine on ‘How to Buy a Statement Coat’, in that article it described statement coats as ‘timeless, classic and an investment’ and we couldn’t agree more and this is what we’ve picked for you.

No Need to Look any further for the Best Trench Coats Women Need for Spring

So, the issue is finding the right jacket, sure, there are so many choices when you type into that google search bar.  The return of information is massive…you get photo after photo and soon get so burned out that you give up looking.

But we’ve made it easy and these simple tips should equip you to be well prepared to Rock the Best Trench Coat to wear this spring.

Not only have we scoured the worldwide web in desperate measure, but we have found you some great, quality choices!

We narrowed it down to meet our standards, which, we might add, stands at an almost unreachable height 🙂  Ok, we’ll cut through the talk and get to it…check out our Top 5 Picks:

Pick #1 – The Gray Trench Coat

We Love this Trench Coat.  The Cut and Color just goes with everything.  There is a youthful easy look with obscure lettering, the quality looks to be top notch.  Buy one today!

Pick #2 – The Classic Bold Hobbs Trench Coat 

This Coat by Hobbs and sold at Bloomingdales is a great choice because the style and simplicity.  It’s makes a classic statement of confidence.  It’s simple, yet bold.  Bold but yet minimally so.  The stunning trench is such a great choice for spring.

Pick #3 – The Easy Trench Coat

The Classic Trench Color and the Cut is why we love this Trench it’s a crisp spring solution for a relaxed look that will keep you covered in style, whether you wear it open or closed you will exude style in this look.   We visualize this trench with dresses or pants of any color giving them a simple minimalist look.

Pick #4  The Statement Trench Coat

This Statement Trench Coat is a signature look for Spring that says it all.  This is what we call a statement coat.  The cut is sleek and stylish, and that’s what we love. Shop Today at Nordstrom and own it.

Pick #5  –  The Cotton Trench Coat by ANGIE + WES

This Spring Coat is made by ANGIE +WES. This Trench is simple and we just love the ‘length’ and ‘style’  it’s so relevant!  It’s a great length and made of Cotton.  It  would be a stylish addition to  your closet.

So There You Have It!  The 5 Best Trench Coats Women Need for Spring or Fall!

Let us know if these coats worked out for you, we would love to hear about it.

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