5 Great Outfits to Wear to Work When Working From Home

5 Great Outfits to Wear to Work When Working From Home

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Are you looking for great home outfits to wear while working from home? We’ve found 5 great outfits just for you. 

You need a bit of definition in this newly carved out workspace that includes virtual meetings. 

We’ve got you covered with 5 Great Outfits to Wear to Work When Working From Home.


Fashion is not the first thing in your thoughts with all life’s challenges but somehow it helps keep you lifted when you take time to fix up. 

But to fix up you need to have those stylish pieces to get you there, that’s where we can help. 

There are tons of casual outfits out there to choose from but they just may not resonate with what you’re looking for.

As stay at home moms become a large piece of the workforce pie, defining the home wardrobe for this not so public position can be tricky.  If you’re looking for stay at home job opportunities for moms check out this site: Tried & True Mom jobs.

You may not be a stay at home mom but you are working from home and want to look nice and be comfy, the good news is this is for you too!

5 Great Outfits to Wear to Work When Working From Home

We asked women searching for WFH Outfits and here’s what we learned:

There are lots of remote workers looking for clothes considered to be appropriate for an unexpected ZOOM or TEAMS call.

This is important to make sure you have the right balance between work wardrobe and relaxed dress code while working from home.

You want to be comfy as well as reflect a business casual appearance should an impromptu or unplanned appearance be required.

You want something to wear that has you covered when you want to hop in the car to run errands. 

5 Great Outfits to Wear to Work When Working From Home

Something that has style, easy care, and turns out great after the wash, but not so easy to find. 

We’ve heard the dresses are too short, the tops don’t cover the bum, the top doesn’t pop, no wow factor or the material feels cheap. If you can relate, we hear you!

WFH Outfits

Our survey has helped us find exactly what wfh outfit ideas will answer these questions. 

We are providing outfit ideas that are comfortable clothes with a professional look.

The most important thing is to wear what makes you feel beautiful and allow you to do your best work.

It is a proven fact that when you look good you feel better.  

It’s an added effort but so rewarding and also puts you in a positive work mode.

It takes only a few minutes each day to get your hair together, earrings, moisturizer, eyeliner and concealer.

The only thing you need to add to this process is the right work clothes and we hope these staple pieces will be more than you were searching for.

Try out one of the looks in this article that’s easy, comfy and really cute and see if you don’t feel good about adding this to your daily routine.

5 Best Outfits To Wear Working From Home

#1 Outfit To Wear Working from Home

Gray Tunic Top w/Front Bow – $68.00

We can’t stop loving this easy, comfy multipurpose top by ANGIE + WES and exclusively ours. This top is a great add to your work from home line up.   

#2 Outfit To Wear Working from Home

5 Great Outfits to Wear to Work When Working From Home

Cotton Cardigan – $95.00

This cardigan is sold and made by ANGIE + WES on Etsy.  It is Great for Zoom/TEAM Meetings or for an in office meeting. This is a great go-to for work or casual events, wear with jeans or keep the casual vibe with a pencil skirt and flats. 

Keep it real and simple with this cardigan and it’s classy look.

#3 Outfit To Wear Working from Home

Black Swing Top –  $68 

The really cute top sold at  ANGIE + WES on Etsy is a great top to wear working from home and answers all the questions of what to wear.

It’s an ageless top and is a great style for the minimalist with a very obscure bow. This is also great for TEAM Meetings and errands.

#4 Outfit To Wear Working from Home

5 Great Outfits to Wear to Work When Working From Home

Tunic Top w/Bow – $68.00

Everyone needs a dependable statement top to pair with black cropped pants or easy pencil skirt that have a great fit.  This top is made by ANGIE + WES and is a great choice to add to your wardrobe. 


#5 Outfit To Wear Working from Home Top

5 Great Outfits to Wear to Work When Working From Home

White James Perse Crewneck Tee – $85.00

This comfy t-shirt from ShopBop can be worn at home for work, for errands, shopping and more. It’s playful, easy and simple. 

It is comfort and style all rolled into one. It’s an essential work from home t-shirt that every woman needs. This top pairs well with jeans shown above.

Simple Easy Outfit Idea

This Easy Outfit can be worn comfortably in your home office and out to run errands. (Currently Sold Out) Bestselling Top Sold on ANGIE+WES

Statement Earrings to add a splash of color to those warm rich dark colors in your closet.


Grab these Amazing Jennifer Behr Earrings sold at Shopbop to add splash to a Simple Outfit

That’s a Wrap! 5 Great Outfits to Wear to Work When Working From Home. 

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