How to Keep Your House Smelling Good All The Time?

This is a question that has 5 easy answers of the simple tips for your house to smell good.

1. The very first thing to do to keep your house smelling good all the time is to take out the trash.

This is a big deal and will greatly affect the smell of your house no matter what you try to do to mask the smell, it won’t work.  So first things first, take out the trash.

2. Next thing is to surface clean the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms to keep your house smelling good all the time.  

This is also a big deal, because if you don’t run a sink full of hot soapy water it will sound an alarm to those who enter.  So to avoid the smell of yesterday, take time to make the soapy water.  Recently I was turned on to Palmolive lavender & Eucalyptus dish soap and it smells amazing.  Normally I am a Dawn Blue Dish Soap Girl which is still great.  However I’m now torn between two dish soaps.  So choose what you’d prefer. I like to add a half capful of lemon Pine-sol and 1/2 cup of Murphys Oil Soap to a half sink of hot water along with the dish soap. Use a cleaning cloth and completely emerge it into the water, wring it out and wash down.

3. Third is the sweeping, vacuuming and wiping down the floors.  

I use a sweeper and love the shark sweeper.  It’s so easy to pick up without dealing with a broom and dust pan.  Once that’s done I wipe down the floor with a kitchen hand towel from the same soapy potion mentioned in step #2.  If you have carpet in some of your rooms like I do, you’ll want to vacuum.  Some say use baking soda, but if you don’t have pets you should be fine.  I have found in the past using baking soda can stay in the carpet and weigh it down and make it a little gritty as the vacuum doesn’t always get it all…so you may want to forego the baking soda. 

4. The fourth is taking the dirty laundry to the washroom.

Taking the dirty laundry and keeping it concentrated in the designated area away from your main living space until you plan to wash for that week is a good start.  Smelly towels, sweaty clothes and socks can wreak havoc on the smell of your house.  One Suggestion is to keep them in a large plastic garbage pail with a lid that has a deodorizer in the lid.  This can control the smell until you’re ready to wash.  Washing should be done at least weekly if not more often.

5. Last but Not Least – Choose your Good Smell of Candle, Diffuser or Plug In

This last tip to keep your house smelling good all the time is completely not the most important.  The first four things mentioned are the most important and can carry you even if this step is missed.  However, it is the one thing that will reveal your personality, your style, and your vibe.  The smell you choose kinda helps define you.  Recently a visit to a Marriott Brand Hotel and a visit to the 1Hotel gave off the most amazing smell of clean, cool and refreshing, as well as a feeling of hey, I don’t wanna leave.  And that’s how your home can smell.  I’d suggest a candle warmer if you choose a candle.  For bathrooms it’s nice to use a plugin from bath and body works.  Diffusers are also great for the home.  It’s completely your call.

That’s it.  When you try these 5 easy tips you will enjoy a clean and amazing smelling home.  Do you have some smells you wanna share?  We wanna know so we can try them.







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