Office Outfits to Take You Through The Week in Style

7 Office Outfits to Take you Through the Week in Style

Yes, you wanna look great when you go to the office.  But when you look through your closet, it’s screaming for style.  So update your look.  We’ve searched for you and found 7 Office Outfits to take you through the week in style.

You’ve sifted through the web to find the awesome looks you see on Pinterest and in the High Fashion Magazines, and Movies.  It’s elusive and so hard to find.  There are similar looks but you want to capture that look that seems to have a high quality that will last, wash well and stay relevant for at least a few years.

Before we share the absolute best looks for the office we also want to give our style guide for you to take into consideration.

Ask yourself these 4 important questions before you look any further:

1. What style am I working to capture?   a. minimalist   b. creative   c. vintage

2. Is this outfit easy to care for?  Can this be hand washed and cared for easily?

3. Do I want Trendy or Timeless?

4. Will this style compliment me and my figure positively or negatively?

Having an answer to these questions will help put you on the right road in your search.  This will eliminate what you’re not looking for and help gear you to what you are looking for.  And we hope we can lead you to that ‘AHA’ Outfit you want in your wardrobe.

There is an article in Forbes that talks about how it really does matter what you wear to work.  It’s nice to hear coming from another perspective.  And if you’re reading this article you are on the right track.

So now that we’ve laid a sure foundation let’s get started with what we’ve found that can help you add to your daily work wardrobe:

1.  This 8 Panel Black Flare Ponte Knit Skirt is simple and easy and may be a good choice to start the week off with – yes, it takes more than clothes to give you that morning boost but what you wear is an important ingredient to this recipe. The Skirt can be purchased here.  

office outfits

2.  We chose this outfit as our #2 to help you raise the roof of your mood.  It’s a happy little number.

3.  Simple with a splash of ease can take you to the office in style.  This look is relaxed, and sometimes that’s just all you need.  This Cotton Knit Top can be yours by clicking here.


4.  Now because you got over the hump and are on your way to ending a busy week, you should reward yourself with a little comfort.  You can’t beat the comfort of a Ponte Knit.


5.  Friday reigns as the favorite workday.  The MVP of all business days….give this day a high five with your outfit

6. This is the first Spare outfit to allow you to switch up your looks through the week. A Simple Gray Polka Dot Pullover Dress with Statement Earrings is all you need.

7.  The Last but not Least Look allows you to be simple and stylish, dress it up, or dress it down.

office outfits

Now that you’ve seen the work outfits we’ve chosen for your five day work week with two to spare you can take your pick of what would best suit your figure.

The looks featured in this article are to give you a blueprint of what to shop for when you head out to the brick and mortar or if you shop online.

Accessorize your 7 Office Outfits

These Sophie Monet Earrings can Raise the Look of any office outfit.  If there is nothing else that can up your look.  It’s a pair of earrings.  Always keep that in mind.

Let us know what you think and if you have suggestions you’d like to share…we are all ears.

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