This is an Easy Homemade Chicken Green Bean Recipe and it’s so simple and delicious. 

This Easy Homemade Chicken Green Bean Recipe is sure to become one of your favorites. Chicken, Green Beans, Potatoes, Red Pepper, Onions, Garlic and Lemon are the tasty notes that sing in your mouth with this recipe.

Easy Homemade Chicken Green Bean Recipe


4 Chicken Leg Quarters, 1 lb. Fresh Green Beans, 5 Yukon Potatoes, 1/4  c. Sliced Fresh Red Bell Pepper, 3 fresh garlic cloves, 1 chopped vidalia onion, 1/4 c. extra virgin olive oil, 2 tablespoons of butter.  1 tsp. seasoning salt, 1/2 tsp. garlic powder, 1/4 tsp. black pepper.  1 heaping tablespoon of Breakstone sour cream.



Season both sides of Chicken, place chicken in stainless steel skillet w/top or a cast iron skillet with the olive oil covering the bottom of the pan.  Add the Garlic and cook covered on low for about 20 minutes then turn chicken.  Cook for another 20 minutes, after a total of 40 minutes add the sour cream to the chicken broth and stir in –  during this period of the chicken cooking- snap the ends of the green beans and wash them and set aside in a bowl.

Cut potatoes into quarters, wash and add green beans, potatoes, onion and red pepper to the chicken, cover and continue to cook on low for another 25 to 30 minutes.  You can test this recipe for perfection by confirming the following:  The chicken should be falling off the bone and the green bean should be soft and the potatoes should fall apart with a fork or butter knife.

If you have a need to cook longer that’s fine but keep an eye on it and be sure to gently stir during the cooking process so the chicken won’t stick to the pan and actually when it does stick a little that’s not a bad thing, somehow everything in this recipe just works and is scrump dilly.

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