What To Wear To A Bridal Shower – 5 Top Picks


We have answers to your burning question and awesome ideas for the perfect outfit of what to wear to the bridal shower – 5 top picks.

The wedding is coming and excitement’s in the air.  It’s a celebration that you want to be a part of.  The invitation is your ticket in.  The plans to prepare are almost as exciting as actually getting there.

There are 4 wardrobe components that need to be addressed for this upcoming event:

  • The Outfit
  • The Jewelry
  • The Shoes
  • Hair & Makeup

The Outfit is the top priority, but you have to think of these 4 components as a team.  And with a team there are no big ‘I’s’ or little ‘you’s’.  You could wear an amazing dress and choose a horrible choice of shoes and the whole look would be doomed.  So think of this as a team effort.  All 4 components work together, and while we can share our picks for the outfit, shoes and jewelry.  We can also give you some tips for hair and makeup that could add some value to this outfit project.

Before we give you our picks for the outfit.  We’ll touch briefly on the hair and makeup.  For the hair, only you know your best look, but take extra care to be sure it’s polished, didn’t your mother ever tell you when your hair is done it just makes everything else look better?  Well, it really does.

The Makeup is that finishing touch that puts the seal on the deal.  Our favorite look is clean, well distributed eyeliner that does not smudge, if your liner smudges underneath your eyes, buy one that does not smudge.  Once the liner is defined, a great volume mascara will add so much beauty to your eyes.  Finally an awesome concealer underneath the eyes to enhance your beautiful glowing face.  Highlighter should complete the look for makeup.

Jewelry to Wear To The Bridal Shower

The choices we’ve made for jewelry are simple, yet bursting with style.  You can choose any of these looks to pair with one of our top picks of what to wear to a bridal shower.

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Statement Flower Earrings ~ Nordstrom


These earrings are our Fav’s for the Bridal Shower, They will give a sense of beauty to whatever you choose to wear, They are simple, yet stunning.


Clarita Ankle Tie Sandal – Nordstrom

This SHOEEEEEEE!!!  WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT with the dresses we’ve chosen


Karl Lagerfeld Paris Dress – Neiman Marcus LC

This dress is simple and timeless.  It’s a great choice for the bridal shower.  It makes a statement and so will you.


Karl Lagerfeld Paris Dress – Neiman Marcus LC

We Really Love the Look of this Dress.  It’s so simple and yet so timeless.  The Silhouette is very appealing.

Adrianne Papell Garden Mini Dress- Bloomingdales

This Dress is another one of our Fav’s.  The simplicity and timeless style is cheerful confident.

Donna Ricco Sleeveless Dress – Neiman Marcus LC

Class reignited.  This is a winning dress to wear to a Bridal Shower.  Black is always an element of class that is incomparable.

Karl Lagerfeld Paris Dress  – Bloomingdales

Yes, we know right?!  Another Lagerfeld Dress, but it’s just so feminine and appropriate for the bridal shower.  It’s ruffles add just the right touch to a simple dress.

You just can’t lose with one of these choices.  The earrings and shoes will compliment all of the outfits chosen and give you a look that pops.

Make sure your undergarments are performing at a high level.  Your undergarments are what no one else can see but will ultimately affect what everyone can see.  So make sure they are top notch.

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