3 Great Ideas of What to Wear to a Baby Shower

3 Great Ideas of What to Wear to a Baby Shower

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Searching for 3 Great Ideas of What to Wear to a Baby Shower?

Whether you’re the Mom-to-Be or a Guest, Check out our picks to help you Nail the look.

The Baby Shower is one of those events that most of us look forward to.  And rightly so, it’s always a blast!  So, we are giving you 3 Great Ideas of what to wear to a Baby Shower as a guest to help you prepare.  No need to sift through hundreds of dresses to wear, we’ve got you.

Just getting the invite to the shower always pushes the excitement button.  If the invite is for the very first child, it adds so much joy that it just can’t be explained.  Everyone in attendance who has ever given birth will come well equipped with their encyclopedia of what this new mom will encounter, from the whole drawn out labor event to preschool.

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There are games with prizes, food, (did we mention food?) social engagement and just plain fun.  Watching the gifts (especially yours) being unwrapped is always an exciting pleasure.  So it makes great sense to want to look unforgettable at one of these events.

Tips for the little things to wear to the baby shower

Accessories may seem small but they are an important piece of the puzzle in creating a complete look.  So choose wisely, if you’re wearing a bold dress like our first pick, you may want to choose a simple earring, maybe diamond studs or pearl posts.

If you’re wearing a simple dress like our second pick, because of the fun, easy look, an earring on the larger more bold side is a great choice and would complete that look.

For our 3rd pick we think a simple dangling drop earring would be the right choice.

These are all very different types of looks, because you need choices.  but we’ve chosen what we believe are the 3 Best Outfits for you to wear to Baby Shower.

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Check Out Our Picks for What To Wear To a Baby Shower

1.  The Purely Happy Dress

We love the look of this dress!  It has a beautiful warm blue color that has a softness about it and figure flattering flare.  This dress is simple and timeless and is made of a comfy ponte knit.  Choose an amazing pair of shoes and handbag, earrings and an awesome necklace.

2. The Easy, Simple Statement Dress

This Dress is our 2nd Pick for best outfits to wear to a baby shower.  This outfit is for the lover  of ease and simplicity.  It is for the girl who wants to have that cute look that’s comfy and classy.  Because of the simple style of this dress, choose to wear a minimal necklace and bold and larger earrings with an easy bracelet, popping handbag and simple pumps.

When the occasion calls for casual this is a winner every time, it looks like you took the time to look your best. This would also go great with our gray cardigan.

3. The Feminine Flare Crewneck Dress

We really like this Dress. This outfit is fun bright and simple. It will allow you to make a fashion statement.  The knit fabric will move with you with comfort only knits can offer. This dress screams confidence and class with the crewneck and flare.  Simple Dangle Drop Earrings and a nice silver bracelet would add a finishing touch.  Open or closed toe heels would give this dress an amazing look.

You wanna get the most out of every piece, just think of your clothing as an investment, so shop with that in mind.

Hopefully, you can use one of the 3 Best Outfits to wear to a baby shower with the looks we’ve suggested. If so, let us know.

Fashion is so personal, but sometimes we need inspiration, actually, we always need inspiration to continuously improve our look and our life…

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3 Great Ideas of What to Wear to a Baby Shower

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