The Rehearsal Dinner Dress – 5 Great Looks

The Rehearsal Dinner Dress is ‘a thing’ and has carved out a place in a category all it’s own.

Weddings are those once in a lifetime events that we all look forward to and the rehearsal dinner dress is big piece of the puzzle for the guest.  These events capture moments that will always stay in our lives and in the wedding photos.

So it’s important to plan ahead, not only for the wedding day but the events that go before the big day.

One of the big events that prelude the special day is the Rehearsal Dinner.  This is an intimate affair that brings all those special people together in one place.  The invites to these meals are set aside for those who have played a big role in the lives of the bride and groom.

Special Moments that you’ll want to look back on

These special moments will be shared in a setting that will never be shared again, so the memories will last a whole lifetime.

It’s important to dress in the way that will make you smile.  You will look back at what you wore, how you styled your hair and your choice of accessories and jewelry, so you’ll need to choose wisely now.

How you should decide on the  dress for the Rehearsal Dinner

The dress should reflect you.  You want to look amazing so we’ve chosen dresses that exude style and class.  Plan to look timeless and be comfortable.  It’s also an important time to buy the right undergarments.  Be sure you wear a bra that lifts your bust to stand in line with your upper arm.

You don’t want to be too flashy and deflect from the center of attention ‘the bride’ so keep it at a simple stunning level.  Less is so much more.  This statement has been proven.

You do want to choose a dress for the rehearsal dinner that is in line with the season of the wedding.

If it’s a spring event, a trench coat could be the topper that seals the polished look.  We have an article on trench coats that you may want to visit if the event is in spring.  The weather in spring is so unpredictable that it’s best to err on the side of warmer.

For a summer event, sleeveless always pops.  Sleeveless dresses can be tricky and sometimes the underarm is cut so low it loses some cool points.  When trying on your dress be sure the underarms have the right amount of coverage.

Be sure the hem of the dress is acceptable.  Hold your arms straight down at your sides and the point where your middle finger falls should mark your hemline or of course anything below that.  Anything shorter isn’t classy.

Regardless of what you ultimately decide on, we have given you the links to buy it now.  You’re busy, so we’re making it easy for you to get what you need and reasons why.

So here’s what you can wear to the Rehearsal Dinner

#1 The Fun Easy Dress by Rachel Comey

The Crisp Soft Dress is a great choice to wear because of the ease.  The fit allows the open torso area to give you all the freedom you need to focus on having a good time and not about sucking in the tummy.  The shoes, bag and earrings will make this dress your own.

#2 The Simple Timeless Dress by ANGIE + WES


The Simple Easy Timeless Dress is an enhancement to your body and shows off your figure.  It’s a minimalist dress that speaks volumes.  Make it your own with a popping pair of pumps in your fav color and complimentary jewelry, and just the right bag.

#3 The Dark Navy Lace Dress by ANGIE + WES


This Dress is comfy and so stylish.  Yes, we did choose a majority of dark colors.  Why?  Because they are so multi-dimensional and can be worn countless times without ever looking like you’ve worn a repeat.  Dress this simple dress up and make it your own.  The Back Bow adds a bit of stunning to this dress.

#4 The Plain Jane Dress by ANGIE + WES

The Plain Jane is just that, it is a structured blank canvas that allows you to create a pallet of who you are.  It gives you a blank slate.  Perfect for any occasion that requires more than just a casual look.

#5 The Jacket & Dress Combo by PAULE KA

This dress combo from Bloomingdales is a classic choice for the upscale rehearsal venue.  It only needs a pair of pumps with bare, tanned and shaven legs.  Yes this will pop!

Now you’ve seen them, choose your fav and let us know how it worked for you.  We wanna hear about it.

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    Kathy Lynn Thomas

    November 7, 2020

    I just received my order today and it’s just beautiful!!! It’s exactly like the pictures, I feel so feminine and special even just trying it on and I can’t wait to wear it. Everything is so top notch, it includes the washing instructions and my goodness it smells so nice and was so nicely wrapped. I’ll be ordering again for sure.

    • Reply

      ANGIE + WES

      November 13, 2020

      Thank you so much for the kind words! So happy to hear it worked out for you!