Interpersonal Skills You Need to Propel Your Career

Interpersonal Skills You Need to Propel Your Career

Interpersonal Skills

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Learn what it means to use your interpersonal skills to propel your career and how they can pave the way to your success.

Working on developing ourselves takes some time and understanding how to develop our interpersonal skills is a large part of becoming well rounded.

Walking through the office the other day, there were some guys engaged in an avid conversation.  They were both really into it.  I thought to myself, what great chemistry.  There are one way conversations, trust me, I’ve had plenty of those.  But this one was completely two-way with both parties connected. 

Then it hit me, there is a skill here.  To understand the edge of mixing and mingling can equip you to move higher faster. So I decided to write about this, because there is a tool here to add to your tool box that can really help you to be successful in the world of business.

Most of us grow up in our own little world made up of our parents, siblings and extended family, we have neighbors and during our lifetime we spend it ‘doing something.’  When we are ‘doing’ our daily tasks, whether it’s work, school, local grocers, sports activities.  No matter what we are doing we will encounter other people that are outside of our little world.

Mix & Mingle, Interpersonal Skills You Need to Propel Your Career is not hard to grasp

You may be outgoing or a little introverted, no matter what your personality is, this article should leave you a little better at mixing and mingling.  This has nothing to do with and I’d like to emphasize ‘NOTHING’ to do with going out after work and mingling with coworkers for drinks.  This is all about time spent at the places we need to be and how to mix and mingle in those environments.

My younger brother graduated from university with his degree in physics and computer science.  He was born with fortitude and never even whimpered in school.  He went from pre-school through college as if it was a simple walk in the park.  Me on the other hand, had to work pretty hard to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. 

He has the gift of mix and mingle.  This is actually an interpersonal skill but I see it as being one and the same.  It is something you have to be intentional about.  He knows how to turn it on, up, down and out and that is a skill you need to have.  It’s like business wisdom if that makes sense.  He enjoys a job that pays very well and offers him the flexibility of what most people strive for their whole lives.

Interpersonal Skills

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Taking those Interpersonal Skills Beyond the Office

My husband graduated from university with a degree in Business Administration and MBA in Business Management, his education has not hampered his humility.  He is very friendly, he waves at our neighbors.  Those he knows and those he may have never seen before, but not without me asking, ‘Do you know him or her?’  It doesn’t matter to him he knows how to mix and mingle.  Let me just say he has set a positive precedent for us in our neighborhood from his ability to mix and mingle.

I will stop with the chatter and give you some key points on what you can take away from this article that will help improve your skills and how to mix and mingle to continuously improve your rise to the top of your business, whatever it may be.

Below are the tools you will need to get you on track to adapt to this mindset and load your toolbox up with the essentials.






The mention of my husband and brother were examples of what mindset is needed to get you on the right path.

1. The first tool that you will need is a willing mind. 

You are reading this article which does say something about your interest in being more successful in business.   Your willingness to improve is like getting your key out to start your car.

2. The second tool is an understanding of the importance of starting an intentional conversation. 

When you strike up a conversation, it should be intentional which takes some thought.  This is more than mindless chatter.  Think about a relevant topic and think it through and leave room for the response to keep the conversation to more than just a one word answer…keep yourself in mind…you’d want someone to offer meaningful conversation with you so do unto others.

3. The third is substantive desire to improve. 

Let’s see, this third tool is so valuable, you need this desire to spread like fire and just like fire it must be fed.  So, seek out those things within your area of interest that can help you to improve, and like magic, your appetite will get bigger and bigger…

Interpersonal Skills

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4. Lastly, the fourth but not least is that humble mindset. 

Oh, this is needed so badly, you even need this mindset to begin with the first tool.  In other words, ‘send pride packin’ and be of a humble mind.  

There is not enough that can be said or emphasized on how important this tool is.  Think of it as a hammer and all the other tools as nails.  It drives them into your destiny to help you develop the ability to mix, mingle and master this success of improving your interpersonal skills.

Being able to mix with others and mingle in finding common ground is more than education, a great job, or status, it’s learning how to grow effortlessly through all those things so that our own little world becomes a universe.

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