10 Great Gift Ideas for Her Under $50

10 Great Gift Ideas for Her Under $50

So it’s that time of year that brings happiness and cheer.  It seems to be coming faster than we expected.  We’re gonna share our picks for 10 Great Gift Ideas for Her this Christmas.  There are so many gifts to buy for those special people in our lives but we are gonna put the full focus on ‘her’.

Sometimes choosing the best gifts are so difficult to decide on.  When you shop each year do you tend to reach for things you purchased before?

This may be a good time to change it up so we’re here to help give you ideas.

We will share some of of our favorite choices that will keep the cost at a limit but also hold good value.  We believe these picks will make you the favorite gift giver this year.

These 10 gift ideas for her will work well because they’re thoughtful and quite honestly she will love them all.  These gifts are intended to bring a smile and add value.  Basically these are things we would LOVE to have.

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1. A Dreamy Set of Cozy Sweats for Weekend Errands

Great Gift Ideas For Her

All you need is her size and boom.  Shop Nordstrom for these amazing sweats that every girl can use.  This is a gift that will always be a winner.  Make her day with this simple easy go to.   The Top is under $50 and Pants are under $50 – This outfit is sold separately.

2. A $50 Visa Gift Card

Gift Ideas for Her

This has just gotta be on the list, it’s the most logical gift that goes right to the heart of whatever she may need or want.  This gift will be a great choice.

3. Trendy Coffee Cup/Water Bottle for the Morning Commute & Hydrate During the Day 

There is nothing like making your own amazing cup of coffee before setting out on the morning commute.  We chose these amazing cups for her and they are available in many prints and colors but we chose two colors blue print and pink print.

That first sip is like a dream that stays with you long after you wake up.  These amazing cups not only keeps your coffee hot for up to 12 hours but will keep your water cold for 24.  Why not give her an awesome cup that she can use everyday with style.

4. Make-up Bag that Carries all the Face Tools – Gift Ideas for Her

Gift Ideas For Her

The Make Up Bag!  What can we say about the face tools?  It is just a ‘Must Have’ for her morning prep and afternoon freshen up.  This gift will be like a treasure chest to the woman who wears make-up…we want it too!!

5. The Cozy Cotton Cardigan Gift Ideas For Her

Gift Ideas for her

This Cardigan!!  Everyone needs a Cardigan to wear with that sleeveless dress or top and cotton is the fabric of our lives right?  Right!!!

6. Wallet with compartments Gift Ideas for Her

This is one of those gifts that will be treasured.  So try and peep out what type of wallet she’s got so you’ll know whether or not this is needed.  She may already have one that she loves in which case yours may never get air time.  If she doesn’t own one, she will love and appreciate the gift and the thought.  Made of Soft Leather.

7.  Charging Cord and Block Gift Ideas for Her

She may not be able to thank you enough for this thoughtful gift.  She can keep the extra spare in her car or in her favorite room of the house or even at her desk at the office.  Make sure she has an Apple phone  before ordering.

8.  Warm Winter Hat Gift Ideas for Her

Not just any hat.  The North Face Hat.  Really, we would not for one minute want someone to pick up a thoughtless hat that has no care put into it.  This would be a daily companion for two strong months of winter.  So we chose this little beauty…

9.  Warm & Toasty Glove Gift Ideas for Her

These North Face Gloves!  They are secretly a girl’s best friend.  From pumping gas to throwing a snowball to pushing the grocery cart.  No matter what she may have going on in the colder weather, these gloves will rock.  Who wouldn’t LOVE these gloves?

10.  NEST Fragrances Bamboo Reed Diffuser

Gift ideas for her

Yes.  The Gift of a Beautiful Aroma will never get old.  It’s a gift that stands the test of time and will make a lasting and memorable happy thought.   It doesn’t take too much time to learn the tastes and trends of someone so we think a nice clean smell will be a great gift idea  🙂

To Wrap it up

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed what we found, we tried to make it easy for your shopping experience so you could easily see it, click it, and buy it.  Let us know if this list was helpful and if there was something you were able to use.

We are always thinking of things that will add to her closet and add a little more happy…

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10 Great Gift Ideas For Her Under $50

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