10 Cleaning Habits To Make Your House a Home

10 Cleaning Habits To Make Your House a Home

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Growing up at an age where I could barely get my balance after I started walking, I’ve been cleaning.  This simple way of life wasn’t so easy then but years of experience has made me improve the way to clean.  So take a few minutes to learn 10 Cleaning Habits to make your house a home.

My Mother ran a tight ship raising her three girls.  Did she have favorites that got off the hook every once in a while?  NEVER!!!!  How or where this woman got this moxie I’ll never know.  But whatever it was has been grafted in my mind and I can’t get away from the lessons I’ve learned on how to clean. 

I guess you could just say I put into practice what I was taught.  I have also learned new skills in cleaning and keeping a clean home.  Yes sometimes it gets junky, but it’s clean.  You don’t wanna live in a museum you wanna live in a clean house and I’m gonna share with you how to do this.

10 Cleaning Habits To Make Your House a Home, a Clean Home:

1. The first habit stares you in the face each morning.  Your bed…it takes a complete 2 minutes to make it up each day, when you get up – make it up, move the clutter to the designated places and voila!

2. The second habit is where you head after you’ve made up the bed, the bathroom.  Once you brush your teeth and wash your face which I trust is done every morning.  It takes a complete 5 minutes to gather up your clothes wipe up the sink and counter and straighten out the towels.

3. The third habit is the kitchen, so if things were amazing and you cleaned it up the night before you don’t have much to do. 

However, if there are dishes left out that needs to be washed that also does not take more than 20 minutes.  Just run a sink of hot soapy water put all the dishes in there …wash off all the counters and table unload the dishwasher, putting up the dishes, pots and pans and load the dishwasher with the dishes in the sink.  Does the floor need sweeping? 

Use a sweep vac, then a few hot soapy paper towels and wipe down the floor, then a couple dry ones to dry it up, throw those out and you’re good to go.  Wipe up the stove if needed.  With all the counters and table clean and no dishes in the sink…your kitchen is ready for company or for your own personal satisfaction.

4. The fourth habit is just picking up anything on the floor that has a place and tidying up the place.  This also takes just seconds to do.

5. The fifth habit happens once you get home from work, for the stay at home moms well, it doesn’t really end…but it’s ok, it’s just laundry, that takes a good 15 solid minutes to throw the clothes in the washer. 

Once the wash is done put the clothes in the dryer.  If you wait too long to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer…you’re risking the mildew smell and you don’t want that…so do this on the same day…once the clothes have been dried – It’s best to fold them while they’re hot.  Put them up and the job is done.

6. The sixth habit is a 10 minute drive to the basket – the waste basket.  Empty the trash from the main source, normally the kitchen and take it out…this will keep your house smelling clean.  This habit is based only on when it fills up.

7. This seventh habit is not so much a daily task as it is weekly.  So there was a woman that cleaned our house and the smell was clean and perfectly balanced.  Sometimes you will get someone to clean and the smell is strong enough to make you grow a beard.  But this smell is clean and just right.  I asked her what she used and that was over 25 years ago and I still use the same cleaner to this day. 

This is what you need and what you have to do…and it is as simple as can be.  You need Lemon Pine Sol (Original) Murphy Oil Soap (original) and Dawn Blue Dish Liquid – the key here is the amount you use… 1/2 capful of pine sol, 1/4 cup of Murphys Oil Soap and just a squeeze of Dawn Blue Liquid.  Add this mixture to a half sink full of hot water and your house will smell like a dream come true.

Use this on countertops, floors and walls.  You may want to adjust this mixture as you become more familiar but this is what I do.

8.  The eighth habit is one of those as needed habits you should to adopt.  Vacuuming is one of those things that is not needed everyday.  If something is spilled or maybe visitors came by and the rug or carpet needs refreshing, it only takes 10 minutes to do a couple rooms.  The practice will help the life of your carpet and keep your house clean at least weekly this should be done.

9. We’re getting there!  The ninth habit is a daily one and deeper cleaning on a weekly basis.  Cleaning the Shower and the Bath tub.  This is not my favorite which is why it is so far down on this list but I love a clean shower and tub so it has to be done.

I use the same mixture as mentioned in the eighth habit.  Sometimes when I wait too long to clean the shower doors I need to call in the Marine of all cleaners, the SOS pads.  These little babies with the help of some hot soapy water will break through the enemy of dirt like a true commander.

For shower floors and bath tub I also use Comet.  It’s amazing on showers, sinks, in the bath and the kitchen.  You may not like cleaning the shower or tub but it sure makes a difference when you get into a clean one.

10.  The tenth and final habit is the windows and screens.  I saved the very thing I do once a year for last.  It must be done.  And, yes sometimes, when little fingers find their way onto the windows throughout the year I will clean them as needed but this big job usually waits for spring.  There is nothing that says clean like sparkling windows.  I simply use Windex. It works very well for windows, mirrors and chrome for a great sparkle.

Finally what tops off a clean home is the Candle! 

I have so much to say about smell and when visitors come to see you the first thing that greets them at the door is the smell.  So Nail the Smell.  They will remember it.  I love the electric candle warmers that plug into the wall.  I usually buy the large Candle and keep it warming all day and it stays solo, away from anything that could cause it to overheat.  It is safer than a burning candle and being married to a Firefighter, it’s the only way to go.

Hopefully you can use these tips and change your habits and make your house a home.



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