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5 of the Best Dresses to Wear to a Summer Wedding as a Guest

5 of the Best Dresses to Wear To a Summer Wedding

Beautiful Dresses to Wear to a Wedding
You’ve got the invite or ‘save the date’ and now it’s time to prepare for this once in a lifetime event.

Next on the agenda is all about dresses you will wear to the summer wedding and more.

Once you’ve penciled in the date on your calendar for the summer event, time to start planning the outfit.

From starting to finishing your look, it’s important to…

3 Great Ideas of What to Wear to a Baby Shower

3 Great Ideas of What to Wear to a Baby Shower

Are you searching for 3 Great Ideas of What to Wear to a Baby Shower?  We can help!  Whether you’re the Mom-to-Be or a Guest, Check out our picks to help you Nail the look.  The Baby Shower is one of those events that most of us look forward to.  And rightly so, it’s always a blast!

We are giving you…

5 Top Picks of Women’s Shoes

Our 5 Top Picks of Women’s Shoes that you Need to add to your collection

Find out what our 5 top picks of women’s shoes to take you where you need to go in style.  There are many occasions in our lives that call for us to ‘dress up’ to look our best.  In these times, we not only need the clothes that are suitable for the event, but we also need the right shoes.

Our shoes say more about us…

What To Wear To A Bridal Shower – 5 Top Picks


We have answers to your burning question and awesome ideas for the perfect outfit of what to wear to the bridal shower – 5 top picks.

The wedding is coming and excitement’s in the air.  It’s a celebration that you want to be a part of.  The invitation is your ticket in.  The plans to prepare are almost as exciting as actually getting there.
There are 4 wardrobe components that…

5 Best Date Night Outfits

5 Best Date Night Outfits – Our Top 5 Picks
We have 5 Best Date Night Outfits we know you’ll want.  Well, we love them and will tell you where to buy at the ease of a click.
Date night is coming, and you will probably be the initiator if you’re married.  If you’re single waiting to meet the right guy, once you’re asked out, you may be the planner.

First, we will start with our single ladies . . .
Single life…

The Rehearsal Dinner Dress – 5 Great Looks

The Rehearsal Dinner Dress is ‘a thing’ and has carved out a place in a category all it’s own.

Weddings are those once in a lifetime events that we all look forward to and the rehearsal dinner dress is big piece of the puzzle for the guest.  These events capture moments that will always stay in our lives and in the wedding photos.

So it’s important to plan ahead, not only for the wedding day but the events that go before…

5 Formal Dresses for Women and Where to Get Yours

5 Formal Dresses for Women and Where to Get Yours
There are formal events that are exciting and yes, we get the invite and we want to go, but what to wear and why?  So we have searched and discovered 5 formal dresses for women and where to get yours for your event that will knock your pumps off.

Cinderella looked good, and we love her, sure, she could wear the same dress today that she wore way back when, and…