7 Best Women’s Fashion Tops and Why You Need Them For Spring

Feeling like you need an update in your wardrobe essentials?

We have searched for you, so check out our picks of 7 Women’s Fashion Tops and why you need them for Spring.  Why did we choose 7 Tops?  Well,  seven tops will literally ‘cover’ you for the whole week and also allow you to rotate them throughout the coming weeks.

It’s important to have an idea of what your work week will look like, fashion wise.  We chose this topic of ‘Tops’ because we all will need to wear tops each day, unless we choose to wear a dress.  In any other case a top will be selected, whether we wear them with jeans, a skirt, shorts or cropped pants.

So when you decide what top to wear consider these 3 things carefully:

  1. Is your bra supportive, holding your bust to an even level?
  2. Does your top show your back fat? We know it’s not a good word but we all have it.
  3. When you wear your top does it cover the top of your pant with room to spare?

These questions can give us a little direction in this conversation, we’re not pointing the finger, just giving you some tips on what we’ve learned.

If your bra is not supportive, holding your bust at an even level (they should be standing between your shoulder and elbow).

This is important because when you put on your top, no matter which one you choose, this will be dramatic.  If your bust is sagging that is a big thumbs down, unhappy face.  Choosing your undergarments is key to a polished look..so you wanna fix that.

In the event your top shows your back fat (sorry to repeat that) double frown sad face.  It’s not worth it, you deserve better, there should be no top awesome enough to cause you to wear it when it doesn’t fit well.  We know, bummer, but you may thank us later.

Last point for number 3. Does your top cover the top of your pants or skirt by at least 2 inches?  You should wear a top that comfortably covers your bum.  If you do decide to wear a short top, try layering, say a tank underneath, this will keep you covered.  Well, there’s a whole world out there checking out parts of you that aren’t dressed for success, so keep this in mind.

We have chosen the following tops as our Picks for ‘You’ so consider these to be great essentials to add to your wardrobe this Spring so let’s get right to it:

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1. The Simple Gray Long Sleeve Cotton Swing Top

The Cotton Long Sleeve Swing Top will take you to the office, and to your everyday activities, and you won’t miss a beat when it comes to looking good.

2. The Sleeveless Black Top with Front Bow 

This Top will take you to the office and if the air conditioner makes it feel like winter, just grab a cardigan, you will look stunning in and out of the office.

3. The Boat Neck Bow Top 

The Top is great for cropped pants or skinny jeans, it’s just such a fun look.  It also rocks with a flare skirt.  Highly recommended.

4. The Essential Gray Pullover

Gray Pullover is a favorite.  It’s Cotton, Soft and the light gray color has such a clean and polished look.  This Top has no limits, it can be worn everywhere… did we mention it’s cotton 🙂

5. The Comfy Classic ‘Deep V’

Best Women's Fashion Tops

The Deep ‘V’ Top is a great choice to wear to work, play, events, you name it.  The Deep V Neck allows for amazing necklaces to be worn with it to give it an upscale yet casual look.

6. The Statement Top


There is just so much to say about this Top.  It is such a stylish yet, simple Top.  It has a soft feel and is made of organic cotton, so it’s not only beautiful, it’s earth friendly.

7.  The Simple Easy Ruffle Fashion Top

This Top is such a nice girly look for work.  Nordstrom offers this Rebecca Taylor Top that should lift the mood on any day you choose to wear it to work.

These Tops are our choices for you to mix and match throughout the 7 day week for Spring.  Yes, we know the colors are all neutral but that’s what we normally reach for.  We hope the women’s fashion tops we’ve chosen will somehow find their way into your wardrobe.

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