5 Formal Dresses for Women and Where to Get Yours

5 Formal Dresses for Women and Where to Get Yours

There are formal events that are exciting and yes, we get the invite and we want to go, but what to wear and why?  So we have searched and discovered 5 formal dresses for women and where to get yours for your event that will knock your pumps off.

Cinderella looked good, and we love her, sure, she could wear the same dress today that she wore way back when, and that’s what we call style – it doesn’t get old and that’s what we want to share with you, timeless looks.

So take just a few minutes and check out these timeless looks we have gathered for you, to help you make that haunting decision of what you should wear that will give you the confidence you need and cause others to notice too.

We’ve dusted off the sizing tools to find the dress that will measure up for your special event.  There are tons of choices out there that we sifted through just for you, only to produce the best cocktail dresses we could find for you.

The 5 Formal Dresses for Women that will make your night memorable:

Lace Dress w/Simplicity, Class, and Style


This look from Barney’s can be worn to your formal event and has a great sense of class and simplicity with the edge given by the lace that starts at mid-thigh…we really like this for the style, the element of comfort and sense of security with the coverage it gives.

The Barely off the Shoulder Royal Look


This look from Neiman Marcus is so elegant.  WE LOVE IT!! It displays confidence as well as a sense of modesty with a royal edge.  The barely off the shoulder look is modest with an attitude that says you can look but not beyond this point!

Simplicity and Edge All-in-one


This Look at Shop Bop will basically be a keeper for more than just that one special event.  Why?  Because not only is it simple, but it is classy with an edge, edgy because of the split and classy because of the coverage.  This dress will also tell off on those of us who need to work out so if you need to tuck in the tummy be sure to slide into a strapless bra one piece that is a smoother also, to help you suck it in…don’t worry, you’ll do fine, but when you get up physically hold in your tummy…people are watching lol.

Statement Dress For ANY Formal Event

This Victoria Beckham Dress is our pick for the ‘Every Formal Event Dress’ because this is that ‘go to’ dress that dresses all the way up, once you find a simple black dress that works and fits well, the possibilities and events to wear it to are endless.  You can change up the look with something as simple as wearing a pop of color pump to reinvent the look each time it is worn, this dress says ‘All I do is WIN’.  #winner

Best for Last, yes, It’s RALPH

This Ralph Lauren Dress is honestly so appealing for a formal event and we think it’s the best for your Special Event.  Why?  Well, is it wrong for us to love Ralph’s style so much?  Besides the fact that the clothes he designs are simple, classic, go to, and all that and more, you would turn every head in the building!  And this is what we were trying to help you find…

So to Sum it All Up:

These looks will help you narrow down what you will choose to wear, we know that even if you forego the looks we’ve selected, you may have a better idea of which route you wanna take in getting the look you want.

Just take into account the type of event you are attending, that’s 90% of what you should base your outfit on.  For example, if the event is a sit down meal with a speaker, you can get away with wearing your 4 to 4-1/2 inch heels.

On the other hand, if it’s an affair that requires a lot of standing or walking, this is obviously not a 4 inch heel kinda night.  When you are faced with an important shoe decision just try to keep the heel over 2 inches – try your best to do 3 inch heels and that will help keep the look on the level.

Before you put on your dress, don’t forget to be nice, it’s just as important as your undergarments, it holds everything in tact.  Keeping this in mind will make you a stand out in the crowd.

Lastly, now that you’ve had a chance to review these looks, let us know if you decided to choose one and why, we really wanna know!!

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    February 18, 2019

    I love these suggestions. I could always use a versatile black dress.